Pure Land Buddhism existed in China as early as the 4th century C.E., and the Chinese Ancestor Master Whei Yuan, who considered to be the first generation Pure Land father / leader. Pure Land Buddhism continued to pass on to Master Yin Guang from the late Ching Dynasty, who is the thirteen generation Pure Land father / leader. At Taichung Lotus Club in Taiwan, the widely known Professor Bing Nan Lee's Dharma teacher was Master Yin Guang, and the venerable Master Chin Kung is his student. While under the Professor Bing Nan Lee's teachings and guidance, Master Chin Kung studied Buddhism and specialized in the Pure Land practices. Master Chin Kung perceived that all beings would have difficulties to attain Enlightenment during the Dharma-Ending Age, the last stages of degeneration. Master Chin Kung established the Pure Land Learning Center concept, and these Pure Land Learning Centers existed all around the world today. The purpose of these learning centers are for all beings to study and to focus on practicing Pure Land Buddhism which has been recognized as easy to practice but difficult to believe.

Mietoville Academy, the Atlanta Pure Land Learning Center, has been established for over twenty years. For all these years, practitioners have come together learning from Dharma teaching and practicing chanting Amitabha Buddha's name. Each one filled with joys in such a remarkable place.

Mietoville Academy was initially established in basement of one of the practioners. Today, we have our own reciting hall and completed with the library in the learning center. Many thanks to all the participated practitioners support with their efforts and generous donations.